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MBA in Fire & Safety Management


There are various statutory norms and standards pertaining to fire and safety which various commercial and industrial establishments are expected to adhere to. These precautionary measures could go a long way in securing the workers and saving the companies from the brunt of penalties and liabilities. Even though certain statutory norms have been devised and formulated, there is severe lack as far as the compliance and adherence to the same is concerned. The students can study about the various statutory provisions related to fire and safety and can also gain knowledge and perspective about various other associated doctrines such as disaster response, risk mitigation and management, sustained planning, workman’s compensation laws, labor laws and other industrial norms.

This knowledge is quintessential to run any enterprise where the labor force is in proximity with fire or any other potential hazardous substances. Various commercial and industrial establishments require consultants and planners who can effectively mitigate the risks involved in their routine operations.

ELIGIBILITY :  Graduation

DURATION :  2 Year

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