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MBA in Footwear & Retail Management


The students are lately moving towards pursuing academic courses in fashion and retail owing to an exponential rise in the demand for professionals in this sector. Over the past years various other associated disciplines to fashion have become tremendously popular with the students across the country. The students are moving from studying merely the design aspects of fashion to other related processes such as merchandising and retail. A professional program in this field will find immense application in the present scenario with a large number of fashion labels, brands and exclusive stores sprouting across the country.


Footwear retail management is one of the most emerging professional programs as it helps the students attain proficiency in a specified sub discipline of footwear retail. Professionals in this field are extremely sought after. There is massive demand for footwear designers and merchandisers. The students can study an MBA Degree in footwear and retail management if they want to pursue a career in footwear production and merchandising. This discipline has immense potential not just in India but also elsewhere in the world

ELIGIBILITY :  Graduation

DURATION :  2 Year

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