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MBA in Hospital Administration


Over the years MBA or master’s in business administration has established itself to be one of the most sought after educational programs of all times. There are a number of students around the world who are getting enrolled in MBA courses in a number of disciplines. The students can pursue a Master’s in Business Administration degree in a number of disciplines. Apart from the traditional sub disciplines of MBA such as finance and marketing, there are certain new entrants such as hospital management etc which are equally viable and rewarding.


An MBA degree in hospital management is a specifically devised course which is designed to allow the students to understand and learn about the various dynamic elements of managing and running a hospital. The students from a sound medical background can gain immense knowledge and perspective about the management techniques relevant to the administration of a medical establishment. These include, medical licensing, pharmacy, due diligence, avoiding medical negligence, adherence to the various norms ascertained by the relevant authorities etc.

ELIGIBILITY :  Graduation

DURATION :  2 Year

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