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MBA in Operational Management

MBA in Operational Management

Operations management is a sub discipline of management which essential concerned with managing the various operations involved in the various stages of production and supply such as design, redesign, outsourcing, value addition and control. These aspects are quintessential business operations that are an essential to all commercial establishments.

 In the recent years, there has been an exponential increase in the both the supply and demand for various products and services. India has become a consumer economy and has witnessed an exponential increase in the requirement for business professionals who are specifically proficient in dealing with various interim processes involved in the running and administration of an enterprise.


In an MBA course in operational management, the students are taught about the various business techniques involved in managing an enterprise. The students are made familiar about the essential components of operations. The students can work as Manager- Operations after studying an MBA degree in operation al management.

ELIGIBILITY :  Graduation

DURATION :  2 Year

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