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MBA in Real Estate

MBA in Real Estate

The real estate sector in India has witnessed tremendous growth in the recent years owing to the emergence of various new realtors and developer projects across the country. There has been a wide push for enhancement in the overall infrastructure in the country which has led to a subsequent rise in the demand for professionals who are qualified in the relevant sector. There is no other sector in the economy which has potential as massive as the real estate sector. There are a large number of commercial establishments which are engaged in the realtor and development activities. These establishments require persons who can carry out the various tasks such as sale of inventory, attaining permits and licenses, outsourcing various materials etc. The students can learn about the various dynamic aspects of the industry by studying a professional academic program in real estate.


An MBA degree in real estate can impart to the students a lot of knowledge and perspective about the various associated disciplines and sub disciplines as well as the various prevalent norms and standards in the industry. The universities provide immense industrial exposure to the help the students acquire the skills to make in this field.

ELIGIBILITY :  Graduation

DURATION :  2 Year

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