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MBA in V.I.P. Management

MBA in V.I.P. Management

Managing the hysteria and chaos around VIP movement has lately emerged as an elaborate discipline and a full time subject of study. There are various associated protocols and practices associated with movement of persons regarded as VIPs. The students can pursue a full time MBA course to get proficient in the approaches and protocols associated to VIPs. This is one of the upcoming areas of study which is extremely popular in other countries but relatively newer in India. The student can gain immensely by studying a course in VIP management. An MBA in VIP management is concerned with the study of various associated theoretical doctrines that are quintessential in the study of the various operations and protocols associated with VIPs.


The students can work as managers and as authorized representatives of VIPs. The students are taught how to manage the correspondence on behalf of their patrons. Thus an MBA course is tremendously beneficial for students willing to pursue a career in VIP management.

ELIGIBILITY :  Graduation

DURATION :  2 Year

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