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PG Diploma in Financial Management


Financial management has traditionally been one of the most sought after professional programs of all times. A number of students get enrolled into finance courses each year in the hope of pursuing a career in finance. Finance is a discipline which is rooted at the very fundamental core element of economics. An increasing number of students are now getting drawn towards a career in finance as it is regarded as perhaps one of the most fruitful and desirable careers. The students can hope to find employment in a number of sectors of the economy as all commercial establishments require finance professionals to handle the accounting and finances. The students can pursue a post graduation diploma in financial management after pursuing a graduation program in any discipline or in any field. The students are taught about the essential doctrines and sub disciplines of accounting and economics. The students learn the various techniques of accounting, book keeping, taxation, currency exchange etc.


These are quintessential components in running any commercial establishment. Thus a professional diploma in financial management is highly regarded in any professional avenue.

ELIGIBILITY :  Graduation

DURATION :  1 Year

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