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PG Diploma in Pharmaceutical Production Management


Pharmaceutical Management is a sub discipline of management which is essential concerned with the study of the chemical and health components in pharmacy. The program acquaints the students with the safe practices involved in effective use of pharmaceutical products. Pharmaceutical Management involves devising and formulating an effective business strategy in cognizance with the latest scientific practices and technology. The students are imparted immense perspective and knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry. A management program in this field aims to impart to the students the knowledge regarding various doctrines associated to pharmacy and management such as Enterprise Management, Leadership, Advanced Business Concepts and Technology Management and Advanced Pharmaceutical Management.


PG diploma in pharmaceutical production management is an emerging discipline which involves the study of the essential doctrines involved in the production of pharmaceutical products. The course involves a considerable knowledge of the various associated disciplines of medicine such as pharmacy and biochemistry. The students are expected to have a sound medical background. Pharmaceutical production management involves the several processes ranging from licensing to production and testing. The students are even 

ELIGIBILITY :  Graduation in Science

DURATION :  1 Year

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